Our Products & Signature Blends

Signature Blends are our unique essential oil blends we have created. Whether you use them for the specific benefits of the individual oils or simply because you enjoy the scent, each blend is available in an aromatherapy roller & aromatherapy spray.

Be Well is a mix of clove, lemon, cinnamon eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils. This blend has antibacterial properties as well as helps support a healthy immune system. Let this warm and spicy aroma help keep you well, especially during cold & flu season!

Studio Vibes is the blend we have in our office diffuser daily. A mix of eucalyptus, bergamot and cedar essential oils it has a soothing and cozy aroma that sets the mood for relaxation. Scent memory is powerful, so let the smell of studio vibes bring you back to the tranquil feelings of your last visit.

The sleepy time aroma of Sandman is made with lavender, chamomile and vanilla essential oils. They mix beautifully to help relax you and soothe you straight to dreamland.

High Priestess celebrates the strength & beauty of the feminine spirit. Patchouli, lemongrass, orange, pine, lavender and frankincense essential oils come together to create an earthy and intoxicating aroma perfect for the dynamic creatures we women are.

Motivation is an invigorating blend of lime, lemon, lavender & rosemary.

Get Blissed Out with our unique blend of pink grapefruit, sweet orange, geranium & spruce.


Dry Brush $9

Our dry brushes are made with natural bristles and have a convenient strap for your hand. Dry brushing is gentle exfoliation as well as it promotes cell rejuvenation, stimulates circulation and helps reduce cellulite. Use the brush on dry skin, brushing toward your heart with multiple quick, firm strokes.

Aromatherapy Roller $8

Our aromatherapy rollers are mixed with essential oils and grapeseed oil. Apply to wrists, behind ears, pressure points or get creative. Lovely as a perfume or a homeopathic aide. Available in our first four signature blends: Be Well, Studio Vibes, Sandman & High Priestess (see above for descriptions of blends)

Aromatherapy Spray $12

Our aromatherapy sprays are mixed with essential oils and distilled water. Perfect as a room spray, linen spray or even as a way to refresh your fabric mask. Available in our first four signature blends: Be Well, Studio Vibes, Sandman & High Priestess (see above for descriptions of blends)

Sugar Scrub $12 (small) $14 (medium)

Our in-house made sugar scrubs are created with all natural ingredients. Sugar, grapeseed oil and essential oils blend together to exfoliate and soften your skin. Wonderful for hands, feet & whole body. A little goes a long way! Apply to wet skin & rinse with water. Available in Rose, Lavender & Peppermint.

Therapeutic Rice Pack $20

Our handmade rice packs are the perfect tool for your at home therapeutic and self care needs. The packs can be used hot or cold. To heat, microwave for 3 minutes – be careful as they will be HOT! To re-warm, just microwave for an additional minute or two. For cold therapy, place in the freezer. Whether for warmth & comfort or to help achy muscles and inflammation, these packs will do the job.